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Cleeko is a managed marketplace that unifies advertisers and publishers with the safest deal between both parties with guaranteed protection against spam and fraud.

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Business advertiing - Also known as business opportunities. We guarantee at Cleeko the fastest and safest way to reach a huge and targeted audience in the business opportunity niche.


Crypto currency - An industry that has grown popular in the last few years. At Cleeko we have publishers providing high quality traffic and leads to your offer or product.


Health & fitness - Health & fitness is a massive industry, luckily at Cleeko we have the very best publishers providing top quality traffic and leads to match your offer or product.

Why Buy Advertising On Cleeko?

At Cleeko, we guarantee the protection both parties deserve, as we understand how it feels to be on the end of a bad deal.

All publishers go through a rigorous vetting process and verification so the advertiser can have a choice only between the finest quality traffic that the industry can offer.

Advertisers also get partnered by new and exciting publishers in order to seize the opportunity on the market when there is one. We will tailor the sellers according to your niche, and you will never run out of quality traffic.

Exceptional Protection

It is our #1 priority to assure that the deal is safe for both the publisher and advertiser. We always aim for the highest possible achievable standard for both parties.

All transactions are processed step by step only through the Cleeko platform. This guarantees it full supervision and confirmed success.

Payments are processed by Cleeko, not the publisher. This way, buyers are guaranteed a safe environment, while the sellers are guaranteed timely payments for their services.

Increase your cash flow with Cleeko Affiliate Program

Cleeko's affiliate program will provide you with recurring 15% from orders of your referrals. This means that if your referral spends $1,000 on advertising, you’ll receive $150. For 100 referrals like that, you will receive $15,000 a month.

Get the traffic tailored for your business

So, you are looking for more traffic in order to increase leads and sales for your already converting offer?

Create your account, submit your offer, and let our publishers spread the word with waves of traffic directly to your landing pages.

The safest place for buyers

Because sellers have to get verified on Cleeko through a very complex process, if they happened to be banned, they are not able to return to our platform, even under a new identity.

You will be provided order statistics that show exceptional details for all the clicks your receive, with device configuration and geolocation.

All of the clicks are filtered through our own click filter that is the best on the market.

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Sell traffic with consistent cash flows

There is no need for you to wait weeks with anxiety if you are ever going to be paid for your hard-earned payments.

Forget the wait, forget the stress! Here at Cleeko, you have the option to withdraw your funds anytime you desire. You do not have to wait and worry about waiting long periods just to get the payout you deserve. We give you the option to cash out fast and re-invest in traffic to make money even FASTER.

Getting you the option to get paid is our number one priority, and you can do so with the following options - PayPal, AHC Deposit, or Wire Transfer.


If you happen to be new in the world of online marketing, our top sellers got you covered! They can easily write an ad text for you.

Even if you do not have a landing page, the sellers can also construct one from scratch, and make your business flourish.

Coaching services are available to those who do not know where to start and would like to learn the ropes of the game step-by-step.

As all services have different ratings, you can choose which sellers would fit your best, and if you are e newbie, you can pick a seller with a top rating from other newbies.

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