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Solo ad  Hall Of Fame Member- Maximum Filtration 100% T1 Buyer Traffic with  OD Included  . 25-55% Optin rate possible- Health List also!

Yes solo ad work . They work at building profitable email lists that you can use eventually to make sales .
Your wait should be no longer than 12 hrs . My average is around 3 though all depends how busy it is .
I have years of experience and a proven reputation of delivering the highest quality 100% t1 traffic available . Repeat cutomers and a staggering 10,000 sales in 2020 proves this .
Sorry no but I do wish I had that crystal ball as there is nothing more I would enjoy than watching my clients getting sales every solo ad run . Walking in we have to be realistic sales takes time and effort . Not saying that it wont happen the first time out but your main focus should be on building your list .
PLEASE USE A SALES FUNNEL. capture the lead redirect to the offer and have an email sequence in place this is the sure fire way to acheive the results you are looking for . Direct linking to a product just does not work and you will lose your money . I WILL still run your direct affiliate links without a sales funnel but you have been made aware of the high risk of loss.
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Jason Thompson 139 19 Jan 2023

    Great seller, got good optin rate and a few sales.

Jason Thompson 139 14 Jan 2023

    Great seller and communication, got 3 sales and plenty of new subscribers.

    Got Sales
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